Choose your squad: recommend your friends!

The best people to work with are the ones you recommend

Candidate referrals are vital for a fast-growing company. We aimed for an organic growth right from the start and thus we managed to build strong, united teams, who value collaboration, communication and reliability – we still enjoy having fun together. In fact, fun is vital for a company such as Ness. Sure, we are a serious team but we’re the cool kind of serious.

Keep them referrals, coming!

We make sure all our teams are regularly informed about the existing vacancies through referral marketing programs, newsletters and platforms that are always updated. Moreover, recommendations are opened throughout the year, regardless whether there is an actual vacancy or not.

Take it easy! Keep it simple!

Each recommended person who gets hired automatically generates the referral bonus. By referring a peer, our colleagues not only have the chance to work with friends, former colleagues or remarkable people who influenced their professional trajectory but they are also rewarded with a generous bonus.

Good referrals, awesome squad and… a super-bonus!

The bonuses vary based on technical level and skill matrix. Occasionally, special bonus programs are promoted based on the position and difficulty of the skills combination. What exactly can you do with the bonus? Well, you could consider a weekend city-break with the junior and experienced candidate bonus, or maybe go to that concert that you always wanted to go, buy a nice bicycle or just spend it all on candies and cookies. 🙂

The senior and manager referral bonus can offer the possibility to consider buying a super high-tech laptop, update the city-break to a one week holiday or maybe just buy a new D-SLR camera to make sure you immortalize the city break memories and experiences.