Family Day

Family Day is an annual Ness all-day event that addresses to us, the employees and our families. Its aim is to better connect Ness people and get to know each other while spending quality time with our families. Entertaining activities for children, sport competitions, socializing games and surprises for grownups complete the scenario.

Christmas Party

We love gatherings and parties. One of the classics (and most memorable probably) is The Ness Christmas Party. Its that time of the year when we get together and embrace whatever the holiday spirit brings. Usually, it brings drinks, music and of course, Santa.

“We don’t always Jingle Bells but when we jingle, we jingle all the way.”

Winter Party

Each year, before Christmas, we welcome the special gifts delivered by Santa for our employees’ children. Ness offices are magically transformed into colorful playgrounds where children receive their presents (only the nice children).

Ness Children’s Day

June, 1st is a happy moment of celebration. We celebrate the happiness of being geeks. For us, that translates into being foolish children. We enjoy ice cream, cotton candy, we play and we chat. For us, June, 1st is a day like no other. A day for us, the grownup children and for our little ones.


Each team building is a unique experience. Usually planned during summer, the team building is one of the most expected company gatherings because it implies escaping the city and “hiding” in the mountains for an entire weekend. It’s all about getting to know each other better while disconnecting from the urban landscape, relaxing and having fun.