Ness @Codecamp Chisinau

Ness @Codecamp Chisinau

Ness Iasi recently participated @ CodeCamp organized in Chisinau, Moldavia Republic. Participating @ CodeCamp Chisinau fits right in with Ness’s strategy of attracting valuable tech-savvy resources as the city boasts of an interesting talent pool and some very good tech specialists.

Born in 2008 with a strong desire for better communication among IT professionals, CodeCamp was encouraged since its early beginnings by corporates and other communities. Codecamp brings together people from all the IT disciplines and career levels; right from bright and enthusiastic students and juniors to the more experienced, wise and grey-haired senior and expert participants.

Our colleague Constantin Popa, Senior Software Engineer speak about Reactive programming for Java developers: “In this talk, I’ve introduced the Reactive Programming(RP) paradigm which is about applications that are event-driven, asynchronous, non-blocking and require a small number of threads to scale vertically (i.e. within the same JVM) rather than horizontally (i.e. through clustering).

Second of all, I’ve talked about Reactor, the Reactive Streams implementation offered by Pivotal, which enabled users to apply RP using a rich API. Reactive Streams is a joint effort of Netflix, Lightbend, and others, to standardize RP across the industry, so various implementations like Reactor or RxJava can interoperate.

Lastly, I’ve demonstrated how to create reactive web applications using Spring WebFlux, part of Spring 5 which embraces the Reactive Streams specification by using Reactor under the hoods. Amongst the demoed use cases were consuming data from a reactive repository like MongoDB, returning an infinite stream from a Spring Controller, or orchestrating multiple remote services. For a heterogeneous audience composed of high school/university students all the way to already employed professionals, they were very enthusiastic about the subject and helped create a wonderful environment for me to deliver the presentation.”

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