From Junior to Expert 


At Ness, as a new intern colleague, we provide the right context to solve real-world, complex technical and business problems as you begin your Ness journey. Our aim is to make you believe that dreams do come true and at the end of your internship, you become the expert you always wanted to be.

Probably the best opportunity in the world. For tech enthusiasts.

We offer the opportunity to obtain theoretical knowledge through professional training courses and practical experience by involving you in the company’s real projects. Over two up to four months, you become an integral part of NESS and under the guidance of tutors – experienced programmers working at NESS – you get a valuable reference and if you’re really skilled and proved yourself as a junior, a job offer.

What is the internship all about?

The Ness internship welcomes junior programmers and testers, with basic or extensive tech knowledge, with little or no work experience.

At the end of the internship, you will be evaluated by your tutor and the team you work in and if the feedback is positive, you will be hired.

If you don’t know if you’re qualified or not for an internship at NESS, just submit your CV at Subject of the email: Name – technology (e.g. Jane Doe- “Junior .Net Developer”).

We will review it and if you match with the role we will contact you.

How can we help you?

We can help you deepen your knowledge in:

  • Java
  • QA Automation
  • Ui/UX
  • DevOps

Impressions from our interns

Be passionate about your work and practice every single day

During my internship period, I was involved in building a real web application from scratch using the latest technologies in terms of web development. The team that i was working with was supportive and ready to help whenever I needed, they helped me improve the skills that I had and developing new ones.

As UI developer, my responsibility is to build the user interface by combining both design and programming skills together. My goal is to become one of the best full stack developer, I truly believe that with a lot of passion and hard work I will make it.

My advice for everyone that want to work as a front-end developer is to have a good knowledge of the basics of HTML, CSS and JS. At the beginning, everything seems pretty difficult but with a lot of practicing, you can make it. Finally, my advice for interested candidates is to dream big, be passionate about your work and practice every single day.

Adin, 21 years old

I am delighted to work with the latest technologies

My journey as an intern in Ness started in May and since then I am constantly improving my skills and learning new things along with my colleagues.

As a software developer intern, I started working on an intern project that allowed me to share what I knew in terms of back-end and front-end development, but at the same time to learn how to work in a team and how to manage to finish all my tasks in time.

Currently I am a Junior Java Developer and I am working on a project that looks to offer a better way of viewing reports over automated test result sets. I am delighted to work with the latest technologies such as the latest releases of Spring and MongoDB and I feel lucky to learn everything that is new and challenging.

What I like the most in Ness are the people that are so warm and ready to help you at any time, and also the environment that allows you to grow.

Elena, 21 years old

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