Experience Engineering

Experience Engineering

Ness enables its clients to be leaders in their industries. We have designed a partnership model to create truly memorable customer experiences with solutions that both engage and delight end users.

Companies that standout in the Digital Economy are those that provide a compelling end-to-end product experience to achieve competitive advantage. Ness is the partner our clients choose to implement this ambition. We bring the creative perspective of a digital agency to innovation and software engineering, recognizing that designing a superior customer engagement is fundamental to the success of digital products. Ness Experience Engineering is how we integrate our user experience obsession with the rigorous, scalable qualities of our product engineering and data analytics solutions. The effortless simplicity of an engaging experience is the outcome of a much deeper analysis of a product’s value proposition, the target market and how the proposed solution will stand out in a market where there are many alternative choices. We ensure that stakeholders are able to formulate and express a clear vision of what will make their product outperform these competitors.

Product Discovery

We apply a Lean Startup mindset in addressing a problem statement and use logical steps to identify the best solution. Our deep dive into Product Discovery also mitigates the dangers of not clearly describing the full scope and ambition of the problem statement. This phase frequently covers:

  • Listening to all stakeholders to crystallize the value Proposition
  • Validating the value proposition using proto-personas
  • Studying the market and competitive landscape to give an independent view on the likelihood of success and how to measure it
  • Producing an analysis report on the opportunity, the competition and the business case

Product Envisioning

In Product Envisioning, we rigorously test conclusions from Discovery to add further insight and detail to the solution definition. This phase typically includes:

  • Capturing business and user value in a matrix that prioritizes the most important features to build, test, release and iterate
  • Developing a clear product definition document
  • Designing and building a working prototype of the proposed solution to put into the hands of stakeholders, capture data, and validate previous assumptions

Consistent, End-to-End Solution

Ness Experience Engineering considers the context of the user interaction with the digital product and works alongside the Ness Products & Platforms and Data Analytics teams to validate, wireframe, design, build and improve an end solution. We act as guardians of the product vision during increasingly rigorous phases of testing, rollout and feedback. Our expertise helps our partners build best-in-class:

  • User Experience (UX) strategy, delivery and design
  • Mobile-first, responsive and omni-channel digital propositions
  • Lean service innovation, rapid prototypes and disruptive thinking to challenge the status quo
  • Solutions informed by the parameters of the existing and future technology stack and demanded by high expectations and detailed feedback from existing users

Positive Business Impact

Ness enables our clients to capture the revenue and cost benefits of operating in a digital world. By extending the expertise and skillset of your team, Ness enables you to:

  • Increase revenue growth by leveraging digital capabilities to enter new markets and channels
  • Accelerate time to market with rapid deployment of a Minimum Viable Product using a Lean Service model
  • Reduce risk of scope creep and project bloat by continuously validating products to ensure they meet defined objectives and reach delivery milestones on time
  • Realize cost savings with a truly transparent partner who has proven Experience Engineering experience
  • Increase customer satisfaction by fulfilling known and hidden customer needs


With a number of world firsts to our team’s credit, including Augmented Reality on the iPhone and indoor location-based navigation for a leading retailer, Ness consistently delivers exceptional results and innovative experiences for our clients. Our Experience Engineering team is committed to designing delightful user experiences that engage and retain customers. We have particular expertise in UX strategy, responsive design, rapid prototyping and mobile, and we have been recognized in our industry at the Webby and Digital Impact awards.

Work Examples

  • Execution of the big design concept for the British Airways re-launch across mobile web, IOS and Android. We are the official mobile partner within BA’s digital agency
  • Led product modernization strategy to deliver a seamless customer experience for a leading US Retail Bank. This covers single-sign on and personalization across all digital channels
  • Rapid prototyping for leading global brands

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