Easy like Saturday afternoon!

Easy like Saturday afternoon!

Good vibes only!

Take a sunny weekend day at the end of September, spice it up with some cool activities for children and parents, add some good food and a relaxing setting and you’ve got yourself a pretty keen event.

We encouraged everybody for Ness Family Day to bring their family members: children, wife, husband, dog, cat – to spend quality time together.

String art at another level

We recreated the Ness logo, only using colored thread and some nails on a board. It was actually a matter of “crowdfunding” because everybody contributed in his/her own way. Creating something from scratch and seeing the result is so rewarding. Surprisingly, at the end we realized it was much easier than we expected it to be. And to be honest (and modest), we really did create something impressing.

Besides this, we prepared joyful activities for children, we had a ping-pong table for colleagues to practice their awesome skills, tennis and volley fields and of course, a photo booth.

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