Data Analytics

Data Analytics

With over a decade of operational knowledge, research and innovation in Data Analytics applications, Ness enables its clients to transform Big Data plans into actionable insights and material business outcomes.

In the digital economy, everyone is looking at data to make better choices and decisions. The organizations who harness this will drive significantly higher levels of profitability, productivity and performance with near real-time insights that provide a distinct competitive advantage. Translating Big Data goals into action is a common roadblock for most organizations: technologies are still evolving, technical talent is hard to find, and determining the most effective analytics framework is not easy. Ness Data Analytics solutions empower our customers to move forward. We delight clients with the ability to generate exceptional insight and make predictions they could never have achieved before. We ask the right questions, optimally apply existing and new technologies, and bring forward a team of subject matter experts that is focused beyond setup and on your ongoing success.

Data Analytics Services

Ness Data Analytics is adaptable to any stage of development that is needed by the organization. Our capabilities include:

  • Data Warehouse (DW) & Business Intelligence (BI) Strategy
  • Road Mapping & Program Planning
  • Agile BI and Enterprise Data Warehouse Execution Methods
  • DW/BI Modeling & Design
  • Master Data Management
  • Extract Transform & Load (ETL)
  • Data Quality Management
  • Self-Service Business Intelligence
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Big Data Competency Centre
  • Big Data Solution Development
  • Data Analytics & Predictive Modeling
  • Data Integration & Mining
  • Data Visualization & Reporting
  • Data Administration
  •  Performance Tuning & Management
  • Data Governance & Stewardship
  • Mobile Agile BI
  • Cloud BI

Innovative, Integrated Solutions

Our established Data Analytics delivery model is naturally complemented by Ness’ expertise in Experience Engineering and Products & Platforms solutions. All three are required to deliver a seamless digital experience. Regardless of the domain in which we start a client partnership, Ness’ team can help you discover the full opportunity at hand, envision a solution that best meets business requirements, build the solution, and sustain it on an ongoing basis. Our product development engineering model inherently encourages innovation because our team works closely with yours to assess, iterate, and evolve your solution at every stage of its lifecycle within each domain of expertise.

Substantive Business Impact

Ness enables you to realize the promise of Big Data in a material, impactful manner:

  • Improve customer satisfaction and reduce churn by gaining deeper insight into customer demographics and applying analytics to identify new opportunities or risks
  • Increase customer engagement and sales by personalizing your customer’s experience—learning his preferences and adapting your product to suit them on-the-fly
  • Go to market faster and gain first-mover advantage by spotting trends before your competitors do
  • Advance decision making and exceed internal expectations by improving the business’ ability to look at data dimensions never seen before
  • Manage data risks by leveraging Ness’ experience to forecast challenges in data integration and establish nomenclatures, vocabularies and taxonomies to reduce integration complexity and improve information absorption


Ness has a highly-talented team and innovative, research and development centers dedicated to delivering world class Data Analytics solutions. Our credentials include:

  • Services for clients in Banking & Financial, Retail, Travel, Pharmaceutical, Independent Software Vendors, Education – Media & Publishing, and Homeland Security for Global 2000 companies.
  • More than 300 DW/BI associates worldwide focusing on leading-edge data products and solutions
  • Over 12 years of experience executing complex DW/BI programs
  • 75 software labs developing and incubating next generation products and solutions
  • Global, right-sourced model designed to access the best resources around the world

Work Example

To increase productivity and reduce costs, a leading asset management company needed to improve information sharing and access new mediums of data across a geographically-dispersed research group. Ness built a global equity research application that easily integrated with other applications such as the Emerging Markets Database, Global Equity Document Repository, and Research Portal. Results:

  • $4 million annual cost savings from data licenses, infrastructure improvements and a global environment
  • Sizeable cost savings and improved workflow due to process and productivity improvements
  • Elimination of redundant data entry due to automated cover sheets

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