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Think Global, act local


Founded in 2016, Challenge4Education was born from our personal believes. Our believes that we can do something good for the community we live in. The project was thought as an action for the „ice bucket challenge”, a challenge for local IT companies to follow our example in order to help schools in need from Iasi. Eventually, we plan to extend the program also in Ness Timisoara.

September 2016 Brosteni High-school

Our purpose was to make the high-school students from Brosteni smile. Hoping to do so, we started collecting different donations: from toys and clothes to school supplies.

Besides that, we managed to recondition 15 desks, paint classroom floors and the school fence, install new lightning lamps, change a wood case and a printer. Target achieved.

March 2017 Dobrovat Highschool

We offered 4 annual scholarships to the most hardworking students with low financial possibilities. The contributors for the scholarships were our colleagues.

The IT laboratory was another priority for us. We equipped it with new computers, chairs and we improved the local school IT network. We are constantly organizing IT workshops structured as interactive informatics camps during weekends.

A personal and practical example can make a difference


We are raising awareness to other IT companies, people, media about the importance of mobilizing in helping schools with financial problems. We think that a personal and practical example, driven by us can make a difference in this direction.

We reorganized and repaired big problems and raised awareness to children’s parents and local community to support education for a potential bright future of the little ones.