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Ness at BEGA!

Ness at BEGA!

BEGA! is the one of the main projects of Timisoara, European Capital of Culture 2021. The kick-off of this project is in 2018 with a massive show that will starts in October 2018, 5th-6th-7th   comprising of: 250 volunteers, 8 communities, boats, bikes, video-mapping, drones & much more) and ends in 2022.

Ness is one of the main partners and prepares a few surprises for the participants: an interactive magic screen presenting the story of Timisoara (12 interaction points), a car built from scratch and a very cool light installation to make their experience at BEGA truly memorable!

Read more about BEGA! at: and check the Facebook event, here.

Ness Facebook event at BEGA, here.



The Big Data Meetup challenged by Ness

The Big Data Meetup challenged by Ness

 January 18th – Ness Timisoara hosted the first edition of the Big Data Meetup 2018 series in Timisoara.

Under the “challenged by Ness” messaging, Ness brought together under the same roof over 60 big data aficionados active in the local tech community, from seniors to newbies interested in the topic. The meetup had three intensive knowledge sharing sessions.

The meetup started with a discussion on Designing a Recommendation System from A to Z. The subject was presented and developed by Radu Moldovan, Software Architect in Ness Timisoara. This was followed by a guest presentation on Doing NLP Analysis Using Spark ML presented by Alexandru Sisu, Senior Data Scientist at Ubix. The last session was Web Scraping and Crawling at Scale delivered by Ciprian Lucaci, Senior Data Engineer at Ness.

Besides the good content, participants also enjoyed good informal conversations, Star Wars stickers and… pizza! The next Big Data meetup will take place in May and aims to gather even more enthusiasts.

A group of 30 IT students from Oradea visited Ness Timisoara

A group of 30 IT students from Oradea visited Ness Timisoara

In December, we’ve welcomed in Timisoara a group of 30 IT students from University of Oradea. We’ve shared good practices, presented and explained the exciting projects we have in Timisoara and last but not least, discussed about the practicality of achieving the mindset of an engineer. All 30 guests received small Ness branded gifts to remind them of the visit.

Ciprian Lucaci, Senior Data Engineer @ Ness Timisoara, explains about Ness’s interaction with the students and details what the next generation has to prepare in order to meet the future expectations of the tech companies:

“We were glad to have the students among us for a couple of hours. They visited not only conference rooms but also real work environment with live demoes being run from in development setups. By their numerous questions it was obvious that they were really engaged in the presentations. The visit concluded with some of the students requesting reading and training hints in order for them to better prepare them for the future technical challenges.

The next generation will have to be able to learn and adapt continuously to new technologies and software development approaches. Their skills will not only have to be good technical skills but also have mature relational abilities due to more and more international nature of many companies.”

Cosmin Filipas, Lead QA Engineer @ Ness Timisoara, adds:

“Interacting with the students was great! They had the opportunity to understand the real challenges of the IT sector, preparing them from their future professional life. We, at Ness, were happy to welcome them and for us it’s a great deal to keep an active communication with the academic environment because it facilitates and smoothens the integration process of the future workforce once their ready for hiring.

The future programmers need to realize from an early stage that the technical skills acquired while in school will ease their work once they become operational and will stimulate their creativity for coding.”




Easy like Saturday afternoon!

Easy like Saturday afternoon!

Good vibes only!

Take a sunny weekend day at the end of September, spice it up with some cool activities for children and parents, add some good food and a relaxing setting and you’ve got yourself a pretty keen event.

We encouraged everybody for Ness Family Day to bring their family members: children, wife, husband, dog, cat – to spend quality time together.

String art at another level

We recreated the Ness logo, only using colored thread and some nails on a board. It was actually a matter of “crowdfunding” because everybody contributed in his/her own way. Creating something from scratch and seeing the result is so rewarding. Surprisingly, at the end we realized it was much easier than we expected it to be. And to be honest (and modest), we really did create something impressing.

Besides this, we prepared joyful activities for children, we had a ping-pong table for colleagues to practice their awesome skills, tennis and volley fields and of course, a photo booth.

Autumn starts with Banat IT BBQ!

Autumn starts with Banat IT BBQ!

We think that awesome events for tech enthusiasts take place as long as we, the tech companies choose to invest in people & ideas. And since this is such an important aspect for Ness, we began our September supporting one of the most relevant gathering of the local tech community: Banat IT Autumn BBQ.

We prepared a special speed drone contest: Game of Drones and it didn’t last long until the Drone Masters began to register for the competition. All participants could test the special devices before the “battle”.

Experience was important but luck was more important this time

It was fun watching all the participants trying to prove their master skills in piloting drones and to be honest, for us, it was all that mattered. As all competitions, we offered an awesome prize (a branded Ness Scooter)  to give to the best… and luckiest participant.

Local tech community meets Ness

Local tech community meets Ness

On July, 17th, we celebrated together with Ness partners and local tech influencers the launching of the 7th season of Game of Thrones. On this occasion, we enjoyed the breezy ambience of AMBASADA and we feasted with delicious thematic food and drinks, surrounded by a fantasy GoT inspired decor.

Over 70 people joined the event, gathering 3 types of audiences: colleagues, local tech influencers and Ness partners. The theme of the event was Game of Thrones, so it was only natural to watch together the season’s premiere. Everything was thematic: we had GoT flags, table cards, menus, stickers, food and drinks. We had an awesome food selection: from Dragon eggs, to Dorne’s potato pie or the Hound’s chicken, you could enjoy some of the GoT flavors. We have 4 special designed cocktails and Ness GoT labeled wines and beers. AMBASADA was the chosen location for the event, with an outdoor terrace and a spacious movie room.

Check out the fun we had: