Ness Romania

Ness Romania

300+ talents
16 clients
2 development centers
in Iași & Timișoara

the way we see it

Ness builds some of the technology industry’s most recognizable products. We want our talents to understand our mission. Together, we are here to help companies compete in the digital economy. To research, discover and create the kind of things they are not able to do on their own. We want people to see that Ness develops products that never fail.

the way we like it

  1. We enjoy challenges to constantly raise the bar. We are not satisfied with anything less than the best.
  2. Mutual respect, common objectives and transparent communication create rich relationships and facilitate teamwork.
  3. Innovation is our culture and we breed it from within.

the way we work

Unlike traditional IT companies, we do not work on project basis. Relationships with our clients go beyond 3-5 years and we often have the same team working for one company.

You can find an Extended Development Center (EDC) in our office. This team partners with our clients and helps them in their decision making. Our relationship with our customers is extremely tight. The team also discusses innovative ideas on how we can help them grow. Often, our team sits with the management of our customers and brainstorms on their product strategy.  So every customer will have an EDC. The most talented of our employees get co-credited when our customers go for patenting.

the way the bigger story flows

Ness is a leading custom software development company who believes that, for companies to grow, to differentiate, to stay relevant, it’s critical to find new ways to engage, retain and build loyalty with customers.

Ness Digital Engineering is the technology partner of choice for many global organizations competing in today’s digital economy. It offers a complete end-to-end solution which combines the engineering excellence, rigor and structure required for software product development, with the creative design skills and approach of a digital marketing agency.

Clients choose Ness as a high-value outsourced engineering partner that enables them to create innovative products and services; expand to enter new markets; win new customers, and streamline their operations to radically improve cost reduction. Our core strengths in Experience Engineering, Products and Platforms and Data Analytics underpin our ability to deliver solutions that consistently meet the demanding and changing requirements of our customers.