A group of 30 IT students from Oradea visited Ness Timisoara

A group of 30 IT students from Oradea visited Ness Timisoara

In December, we’ve welcomed in Timisoara a group of 30 IT students from University of Oradea. We’ve shared good practices, presented and explained the exciting projects we have in Timisoara and last but not least, discussed about the practicality of achieving the mindset of an engineer. All 30 guests received small Ness branded gifts to remind them of the visit.

Ciprian Lucaci, Senior Data Engineer @ Ness Timisoara, explains about Ness’s interaction with the students and details what the next generation has to prepare in order to meet the future expectations of the tech companies:

“We were glad to have the students among us for a couple of hours. They visited not only conference rooms but also real work environment with live demoes being run from in development setups. By their numerous questions it was obvious that they were really engaged in the presentations. The visit concluded with some of the students requesting reading and training hints in order for them to better prepare them for the future technical challenges.

The next generation will have to be able to learn and adapt continuously to new technologies and software development approaches. Their skills will not only have to be good technical skills but also have mature relational abilities due to more and more international nature of many companies.”

Cosmin Filipas, Lead QA Engineer @ Ness Timisoara, adds:

“Interacting with the students was great! They had the opportunity to understand the real challenges of the IT sector, preparing them from their future professional life. We, at Ness, were happy to welcome them and for us it’s a great deal to keep an active communication with the academic environment because it facilitates and smoothens the integration process of the future workforce once their ready for hiring.

The future programmers need to realize from an early stage that the technical skills acquired while in school will ease their work once they become operational and will stimulate their creativity for coding.”




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